Archie #1 Variants (Or, Even Moar #HotArchie)

We’ve got a exclusive on some retailer variant covers for Archie #1 and since I am our resident #HotArchie expert, I get to share them with you!

First up we’ve got INCEPTION ARCHIE for the gang at Curious Comics, cover by Dan Schoening with colors by Luis Antonio Delgado

I mean if I had that strong of a jaw I’d be taking an inception-selfie, too. Let’s be real.

Next up is the variant for Books-A-Million and 2nd & Charles by Kate Leth


Our boy here is  a little closer to traditional Archie, but so sad it’s making my heart go awwww, I’ll hang with you little dude! I’ll even put my straw in your milkshake.

Category ID: 13193
…Wait. That came out wrong?

Bedrock City Comics get this variant by Terry Moore with colors by Brian Miller of Hi-Fi

Someone call ZZ Top because all I wanna do is talk LEGS LEGS LEEEEGS. I mean, look at those stems. Dang. Those shoulders ain’t too bad, neither. Thank youuu, Terry and Brian.

The Aw Yeah Comics/Downtown Comics variant is courtesy of Art Baltazar


Ok well this is just cute as hell.

Archie #1 is due to hit stores in less than two months. Are you ready? Can we be ready? I don’t even know, bro.

(Just kidding, I am totally ready.)

my body is ready


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