Aisling Twomey

Aisling was born in Cork and lived in Dublin for a few years before quitting her old life in 2015 and starting a brand new one in London. Forever reading books in the bath and consequently wondering why her paperbacks are a bit wobbly, Aisling has been a writer for almost ten years. She's super clumsy and has accepted that her hair will never be tidy. When not slogging at a desk in the financial world, Aisling can be found attempting new yoga poses, running, pole dancing or eating large amounts of spicy food and chocolate. You will never find her ironing, as she doesn't believe in it. Twitter: @taisling

History Books That Bring the Past to Life

Five must-read works of history that aren't boring or dry, but that bring the past to life on the page.

In the Library with My Crisis of Faith

How a Catholic upbringing in Ireland pushed one reader out of organized religion, into the library, and on a path toward a new understanding of spirituality.

Reliving Agatha Christie at WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION

Rediscover the genius of Agatha Christie with the London production of WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION.

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Yoga poses to help you get comfy while reading for long stretches of time.

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Duncan Jones has launched the David Bowie Book Club around his father's favorite books, starting with HAWKSMOOR by Peter Ackroyd.

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A review of the ReMarkable tablet, which comes without a web browser or social media, and is designed for paper lovers.

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Winter may be knocking at the door, but we've still got fitness goals to conquer. These books will help.

Books for Building a Mindful Habit

Wrapping your mind around mindfulness with the help of books.

Censorship, HOWL, and City Lights of San Francisco

How City Lights, an independent bookstore in California, helped end "obscenity" censorship in the United States.

Things I Learned from Jacqueline Wilson

A list of Jacqueline Wilson books with rundowns of the real-life lessons one reader learned from the author, which she still uses in daily life.

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Fiction and nonfiction for bee-lovers!

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There are 60 million Billy bookshelves out there-- one for every 100 or so people on the planet.

Becoming a Digital Paper Person

A once paper person muses on the benefits of eBooks, the digital reading experience, and the ReMarkable tablet, which promises a "paper like" experience.

Reading With the Codebreakers at Bletchley Park

On the books that tell the stories of Bletchley Park's codebreakers and one reader's experience visiting the historic landmark.