Brenna holds a BA in English literature from the University of Wisconsin. She satisfies her appetite for books by blogging about them at Literary Musings. Follow her on Twitter: @LitMusings

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Book Fetish: Volume LXVI

Book Corners: Have a habit of falling asleep while reading? These bookmarks might be for you.   Deadfall Bookends: Designer Rob Southcott ...


Book Fetish: Volume LXV

Fingerprint Bookmark Band: Never lose your place again with this bookmark. Book lover’s ring: This tiny book ring also doubles ...


Book Fetish: Volume LXIV

Vintage Scrabble Print: This print is totally frame worthy. Lit Happens tee: Sometimes it’s just inevitable; lit happens. Read Mug: ...


Book Fetish: Volume LXIII

Ampersand Coasters: Fun bookish coasters printed from a letterpress. “The End” Bookend: A bookend with pun! Clever. Tony Carter Poetry ...

bookends bookends

Book Fetish: Volume LX

Typrewriter Weaving: This piece of art is made entirely from repeating letters and numbers on the keyboard of a typewriter. ...

pompom pompom

Book Fetish: Volume LV

Bookish iPhone Case: Sweet and simple “bookish” case from Cafe Press. Lined Paper Pillow: You know these pillows would look ...