C.P. Hoffman

By day, C.P. Hoffman writes about digital accessibility and the law; by night, they write about comics, pop culture, books, and gender for Book Riot and other sites. They have lived across North America (Indianapolis > Chicago > New York > Montreal > Indianapolis again), but now reside just outside of Washington, DC. C.P. has a particular affinity for Spider-Women, but also loves Wonder Woman, comics about witches, and stories about time travel. For inexplicable reasons, they also tweet a lot about the Fantastic Four. Twitter: @CPHwriter

We Need the FANTASTIC FOUR’s Family Drama in the Marvel Universe

Since Marvel cancelled the Fantastic Four, it has lacked a comic series that takes family—in all its dimensions—seriously.

It’s Time to Give Jessica Jones Her Own Comic Series

Why doesn't Jessica Jones have her own comic series? It's well past time for her to have one.

WONDER WOMAN: REBIRTH #1 Raises Questions, Offers Few Answers

Charles Paul Hoffman takes a look at WONDER WOMAN: REBIRTH #1 and isn't sure about what he found.

Comic Subscription Boxes: Comic Bento and BlindBox Comics

No Context Given: Just Say Nope

This week's edition of No Context Given features My Little Pony.

What’s On Your Pull List? May 25, 2016

Each week, one Panelteer shares their pull list; this week, it's Charles' turn.

No Context Given: Johnny Storm Has No Clue What You’re Talking About

On this week's edition of No Context Given: Johnny Storm is clueless!

I Watched a FANTASTIC FOUR Quadruple Feature So You Don’t Have To

Panelteer Charles Paul Hoffman watched a Fantastic Four Quadruple Feature and live tweeted the results. From Corman to Trank, find out what he thought.

A Modest Proposal for Diversity in Comics

Panelteer Charles Paul Hoffman recommends increasing diversity in comics by hiring creative teams that represent the characters they are writing.

6 Things That Made Me Love CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR More than Comics CIVIL WAR

Panelteer Charles Paul Hoffman names 6 things that made him love Captain America: Civil War, when he was not a fan of the original Civil War comics event.

SILK Goes to Therapy: An Interview with Robbie Thompson

Panelteer Charles Paul Hoffman interviews Silk writer Robbie Thompson about Cindy Moon's turn to therapy to work through her trauma from life in a bunker.

No Context Given: SILK Offers Hairstyle Advice

In this week's edition of No Context Given, Silk gives hairstyle advice.


We present new punny arc names for The Unbeatable Squirrel Girls (complete with squirrel GIFs)

It’s Time to Take JESSICA JONES Off the Mommy Track

Convention Diaries: C2E2, Saturday March 19, 2016