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Christine writes about books for Literary Hub, VICE, and the Ploughshares blog. She occasionally writes about other topics, because someone once told her (although it seemed implausible) that there’s life outside of books. Blog:

Quiz: Original Jeeves and Wooster Quote or Quote from Homage?

Can you tell the difference between quotes taken from original Jeeves and Wooster novels and short stories, and quotes from the parodies?

Jeeves and Blackface

Taking a look at P.G. Wodehouse's THANK YOU, JEEVES and its offensive blackface punchline, and considering approaches to racism in classic literature.

How Underrepresentation Affects Racial Narratives and American Kids

Taking a look at statistics and conversations around underrepresentation in books and media, and the significant ways it affects kids in the U.S.

Cool Bookish Places: Sticky Institute, Melbourne

Cool Bookish Places: Squishface Comic Studio, Melbourne

Take a virtual tour of one of Melbourne's cool bookish places, Squishface Comic Studio, where patrons can explore comics and interact with creators.

Short and (Bitter)Sweet: 6 One-Sitting Tearjerkers

Get your dose of catharsis with these six heart-wrenching books that can be read (and cried over) in single sittings.

Clever Bookish Marketing from the London Book Fair

On Being a Book Lover with Dry Eyes

A reader with blepharitis shares some reading life suggestions for other dry eye sufferers who spend a good chunk of time reading.

50 Must-Read Books for Tackling Fear of Death

If you're looking to read your way through a fear of that inevitable final act, pick up one, or a few, of these must-read books about death.

10 Quotes about Whiteness

"Part of the privilege of whiteness is not needing to reflect on whiteness." Here are quotes about whiteness by writers of color.

Annotated Agatha Christie Bingo

From the military man who bores everyone to train hijinks, we've rounded up some tropes for a fun-filled game of annotated Agatha Christie bingo!

6 Memorable Meals from Novels

3 Novels For Getting To Grips With Slum Evictions

While fictional, these books about slum evictions offer an eye-opening perspective on life in informal settlements without romanticizing it.

Quotes from the Ultimate Brexit Novel

"These universes were separated by a wall, infinitely high, impermeable, a wall built out of fear and suspicion and even ... shame and embarrassment."

How To Write A Trump Novel Without Mentioning Trump

"The specter of Donald Trump is haunting American fiction."