Connie Pan

Connie Pan is a writer and editor from Maui, Hawai‘i. She earned an MFA in fiction from West Virginia University and a BA in creative writing from Grand Valley State University. Her writing has appeared in Bamboo Ridge, Carve, HelloGiggles, PRISM International, The Billfold, and elsewhere. An excerpt from her novel-in-progress was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Instagram: @csnpan Twitter: @panlikepeter

Tender Quotes From Books My Husband Bought Me

"Say yes to someone who understands you will never tire of books, that they are an extension of you, and you carry the narratives in your heart."

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Reading Everything But Straight White Men

"I, a little speck in this world, read the way I do to tip scales, to enlarge slivers on pie charts, because every reader, every writer, every story—written and untold—matters."

About Some Beautiful Things I Read Last Year

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