Dana Staves

Going through life with an apron tied on and a pen in her hand, Dana Staves writes about books and food. She also writes a little fiction. She lives in Maryland with her wife, their son, and their cat.

43 Short Poems to Sneak More Poetry Into Your Life

Short poems for when you need a quick poetry fix.

I Learned About Radical Acceptance From Children’s Books

How one reader seeking the tools to practice therapist-recommended radical acceptance found them in a surprising place: children's books.

Macmillan Walks Back Ebook Embargo

Macmillan Publishers has announced they will return to the library ebook pricing model that was in place October 31, 2019.

Lesbian Romances for the Uprising: WLW Recommendations

Is this stonewalling of an entire group of authors on the basis of their (sapphic) sexual orientation, the reason why there are far fewer lesbian romances?

A Brief (and Admittedly Incomplete) History of Cookbooks

From ancient Mesopotamia to the year's most popular cookbooks, this brief (and admittedly incomplete) history of cookbooks examines our culinary roots.

What are Preorders, and Why Do They Matter?

Whether it's through your local bookstore, online retailers, or your local library, book preorders help authors succeed and give you a voice in publishing.

ALL Obama Book Recommendations Through the Years

President Barack Obama book recommendations, from his years in office and the years since, including recs for his daughters.

Reading Comics Is Not Cheating

A reader on feeling like she was cheating on her Goodreads Challenge by reading comics.

Best Friendships in Romance Novels

Let's celebrate the best friendships in romance novels--the platonic network of side characters who help make the romance happen.

3 Baseball Romances For Your TBR

If you've dreamed of becoming a Rockford Peach, or you have a soft spot for hot dogs and beer, you need these 3 baseball romances for your TBR this season.

Women’s Prize for Fiction Shortlist Announced

The Women’s Prize for Fiction Shortlist was announced on Sunday, with the six finalists for the 2019 prize.

6 Foodie Books to Add to Your TBR in 2019

Let’s Talk About Sex Scenes In Fiction, Baby

Why do sex scenes get such a bad rap? Good sex scenes in fiction aren't as elusive one might think..."one" might simply deign to visit the romance section.

6 Romance Novels That Should Come With Snacks Included

Foodie romance novels that are sure to make you hungry--for donuts, food trucks, and cuisines from around the world. Love with a side of food? Yes, please!

LifeWay Christian Resources to Close All 170 Stores in 2019

The Southern Baptist affiliate company is closing all of its stores due to declining profits.