Danika Ellis

Danika spends most of her time talking about queer women books on tumblr and at the Lesbrary, as well as chatting about all sorts of bookish things on booktube. Blog: The Lesbrary Twitter: @DanikaEllis

Canadian Book Lover Problems

While there are great things about living in Canada, there are also bookish annoyances. Oh, US Media Mail... how we envy you.

Celebrate Pride With Queer Rainbow Book Stacks!

Feast your eyes on Pride-themes rainbow book stacks! All instagram-worthy, and all LGBTQIA!

Book Recommendations Based On Your Favorite Harry Potter Character

Tell us your favorite Harry Potter character and we'll tell you what you should read next!

Beware the Changed Amazon Buy Box: When “New” Books Aren’t New

Why you need to be wary of Amazon's new buy box policy for new books.

#BelovedBooksProject: A Celebration of Well-Worn Books on Instagram

RAMONA BLUE and the Battle Between Bi, Fluid, and Lesbian Representation

On accusations that the new book Ramona Blue is lesbophobic.

I Have 2000+ Books On My TBR List (And I Don’t Mind)

I'm going to reading all 2,000 books on my TBR list. One day. And even if I don't, at least I have a history of my reading taste throughout time!

12 Things That Happen When You Read for 24 Hours Straight

The 24-hour readathon is this weekend--here's what you can expect.

6 Essential Snacks for the 24 Hour Readathon

The 24 hour readathon is next weekend! Here are our tried-and-true snack suggestions.

The Problem With #OwnVoices LGBTQ Lit

#Ownvoices recognizes authors who write about their marginalization--but this concept plays out differently between gay, lesbian, bi, and trans books.

Just Press Play: How Audiobooks Cured My Laziness (…Mostly)

How audiobooks help one reader overcome procrastination.

The 8 Worst Things About Working at a Bookstore

First up: you spend your whole paycheck there. Who needs groceries?

Let’s Talk About STAR-CROSSED: Why We Need Bisexual Kids Books, Backlash or Not

On author Barbara Dee being invited to speak at schools, then told not to discuss her book because it has a girl character who has a crush on another girl.

Sometimes I Forget How To Read

Ever have that experience where reading suddenly feels hard or unnatural or clunky? This is about that.

Frontlist Fatigue; Or, No, I Won’t Preorder Your Book

Can we talk about books that have already been published for a change? Please?