Eileen Gonzalez

Eileen’s primary literary love is comic books, but she’s always on the lookout for her next belletristic adventure no matter what form it comes in. When she’s not writing, reading, or writing about reading, she’s probably cuddling with her dog or watching something old. Twitter: @Eileen2theStars

My Least Favorite Batman Comic

"Batman A-Go-Go!" starts silly, veers through social commentary, and barrels straight into a horror film, making for an unpleasant read.

#SuperheroProblems: So You’ve Been Invited Out to Hollywood

Almost everyone dreams of big-screen stardom at some point in their lives, and it turns out superheroes are no exception.

To Absent Friends: Willie Lincoln

We're spotlighting some of the side characters who have been left by the wayside. Today in To Absent Friends: Willie Lincoln.

Comics That I Love by George: A Love Letter to George Pérez

Lots of people could tell you about George Perez's career in comics with more expertise than I have. So instead, I will tell you a story.

Shock SuspenStories: The Comic That Defied the Red Scare

Shock SuspenStories may be a little hokey for modern comics readers, but it spoke out for social justice at a crucial time.

The ’60s DC Superhero Survival Kit

The early 1960s were a tough time for comic books. With superheroes falling out of fashion, what was a '60s DC superhero to do?

New Year’s Resolutions for Comic Book Readers

One comics reader shares their resolutions for a well-rounded reading year. Use these as inspiration for your own comics reading resolutions!

#SuperheroProblems: So You’ve Been Replaced by a Robot

Robots in comics have two settings: help or murder. When they come dressed like our favorite heroes, they're probably set to murder.


Did you know that there were two seasons of an Iron Man CG-animated TV show in 2008? Here's the story of this forgotten adaptation.

Profiles in Supervillainy: Mad Mod

Some supervillains have been lost to time. Is Mad Mod an underrated gem, or does he deserve to be forgotten?

The Incredibly Bland Adventures of Gene Autry…’s Horse

We know Gene Autry as an American singer, songwriter, actor, musician, and rodeo performer. Now let's talk about his horse.

#SuperheroProblems: So You’re Trapped in a Christmas Special

As many start to get into the winter holiday spirit, so, too, do our favorite comic book heroes (and a few villains).

Hal Jordan: Homewrecker

When Hal Jordan meets the Green Lantern of Korugar, he's shocked she's a woman. And then he destroys her relationship.

That Time Iron Man Almost Died at Comic Con

Remember when Iron Man went to Comic Con and everyone made fun of his nose and then he almost died by sword? '70s comics were something else.

To Absent Friends: Bridget Clancy

Even superheroes need friends! Unfortunately, sometimes those friendships fade. Here's a look at Nightwing's friendship with Bridget Clancy.