Jessica Plummer

Jessica Plummer has lived her whole life in New York City and yet somehow still hasn't been asked to join the Avengers. When not at her academic publishing day job, or trying to make every movie into a musical through sheer force of will, she bakes, cleans her apartment obsessively, and writes feverishly into the night. She blogs about superhero TV, tween pop culture, and Disney at Jess's (Somewhat) Grown-Up Type Blog. She knows an unnecessary amount of things about Donald Duck. Blog: Jess Plummer Twitter: @Jess_Plummer

Reading Through Rebirth: Week Two

Jess Plummer is back with the second week of Rebirth releases. Which ones are new-reader friendly? Which series should you read?

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On Steve Rogers #1, Antisemitism, and Publicity Stunts

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 had a big reveal about the character, and it's offensive, given the character's history and origins.

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It's time to start publishing more superhero graphic novels for teenage girls. Jessica Plummer examines the questionable history of previous endeavors.

15 Things I’m Grateful to Supergirl For

Jess is very, very, very grateful to SUPERGIRL—now where's our season 2 renewal?

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