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Jessica Plummer

Jessica Plummer has lived her whole life in New York City and yet somehow still hasn't been asked to join the Avengers. When not at her academic publishing day job, or trying to make every movie into a musical through sheer force of will, she bakes, cleans her apartment obsessively, and writes feverishly into the night. She blogs about superhero TV, tween pop culture, and Disney at Jess's (Somewhat) Grown-Up Type Blog. She knows an unnecessary amount of things about Donald Duck. Blog: Jess Plummer Twitter: @Jess_Plummer

Iron Fist and Slapping the Joker: How Not to Write Strong Female Characters

Iron Fist has many problems. One of them is with its female characters.

The Inbox/Outbox Method: How I Whittled Down My TBR Pile

A simple method for controlling the size of your unread books pile (with a helpful tracker for your Bullet Journal!)

Someone Will Come Along: Rogue One, Logan, and Hope

ROGUE ONE and LOGAN have many similar themes; one Rioter compares the two.

World’s Finest? A History of the Supergirl/Batgirl Friendship

For Galentine's Day, Jess talks about the friendship between Batgirl and Supergirl.

Elizabeth Bennet: Manic Prideful Dream Girl? Of Course Not

A refutation of the claim that Elizabeth Bennet might be a Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Why You Should Give Avengers Academy a Try

Avengers Academy is an awesome, hilarious, addictive free-to-play mobile game. Why aren't you playing it?

Don’t Stop the Presses: Why We Need Journalists in Comics

Given the current political climate, Jess Plummer discusses why journalists in comics, such as Clark Kent and Ben Urich, are important.

Yeah, But Is It Art?: On Riri Williams and J. Scott Campbell

Jess looks at the now-pulled J. Scott Campbell cover, which sexualizes a black teenage girl, and focuses on the criticisms that "fandom doesn't like art."

Where to Start with Misty Knight (and Colleen Wing)

Netflix's forthcoming Luke Cage series includes the first live-action appearance of Misty Knight, who is just the best. Get to know her through these comics.

Does Trade-Waiting “Hurt” a Comic?

You've seen claims that waiting for collected trades, rather than reading in issues, can lead to cancellation. Does trade-waiting really hurt a comic?

What to Buy via Comixology’s Blue Beetle Sale

Blue Beetle: Rebirth dropped this week. Here's what to buy in Comixology's celebratory sale.

Reading Through Rebirth: Month Two

Jess takes a look at the second month of DC's Rebirth releases.

It’s Time to Retire the Punisher

As a big fan of Netflix’s Marvel’s Netflix’s Daredevil (by Netflix), I’ve watched and read a lot of interviews with ...

On Steve Rogers #1, Antisemitism, and Publicity Stunts

Even with the recent release of STEVE ROGERS #2, the sting of the "big reveal" about Cap hasn't lost its antisemitic gut punch.

Unpacking Funko’s Comics Subscription Boxes

Jess unboxes and gives her opinion on Funko's DC and Marvel comics subscription boxes.