Kristina Pino

Teacher, Avid Traveler, Life-long Reader, Beer Guzzler, Jigsaw Puzzle Lover, Disney Mega-fan, and other Fancy Titles can be used to describe Kristina. She spends her time blogging, tweeting, vlogging, podcasting, and making puzzles when she isn’t out having an adventure, cozied up with a book, or responding to the Bat Signal. She’s from sunny, tropical South Florida. Her life is pretty awesome right now. Blog: GeekeryDo Twitter: GeekeryDo

When Children Love Books, They Destroy Them

Little kids love books to death, sometimes literally.

3 Tracks Inspired by Peter Pan

In which we spotlight three songs inspired by the story of Peter Pan that we hope you'll want to check out. What's your favorite Neverland song?

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How to Bookstagram Like A Pro

Some tips and tricks to bookstagram like a pro - whether you've got "artsy" skills or not.

Art Roundup: Rey from THE FORCE AWAKENS

A neat little collection of fab Rey fanart. Long live STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS!

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There’s No “Right” Way to be a Girl: Thank You, Sailor Jupiter

An open letter to Sailor Jupiter, the Sailor Scout who taught Kristina at a young age that there's no one, right way to be a girl.

8 Bookish Titles Coming to Netflix in May

Check out some bookish titles appearing on Netflix throughout the month of May! Goosebumps, life with epilepsy, cat burglars, and more.