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Michelle Anne Schingler

Michelle Anne Schingler, a former librarian and Hebrew school teacher, is the managing editor at Foreword Reviews. Her days are books, books, books; she knows how lucky that makes her.  Twitter: @mschingler

39 Rad LORD OF THE RINGS Tattoos

Below you'll find an array of colorful and intricate LORD OF THE RINGS tattoos, ranging from Hobbit-size all the way up to Mordoresque in proportions.

Reading Pathways: Nina Allan

Get into these mind-bending, time traveling, magical Nina Allan books by way of this reading pathway curated by a fan of her catalog.

AD ASTRA is an Unnecessary, Still Problematic Retelling of HEART OF DARKNESS

We're taking a look at the film AD ASTRA and its problematic parallels with the Joseph Conrad classic, HEART OF DARKNESS.

Going After Voldemort Will Just Make the Death Eaters Stronger

"Surely someone will step in so that we don't have to. Death Eaters have consciences, too, we're sure..."

6 Science Fiction Books About Space That Are Out Of This World

Earth can be an exhausting place, so let's look beyond our planet and explore these science fiction books about space and other worlds.

5 Fantastic Speculative Fiction Titles for Fall

Prep this year's fall TBR with these excellent speculative fiction books about terrorism, future worlds, time travel and more.

Dear Gillian Flynn: I Will Beta Read the Sh*t Out of Your New Book for You

"Your books wake me up. Your characters stir something in me that I've not yet needed, or not yet dared, to activate..."

Five SWEET VALLEY HIGH Characters Meet Their SAVED BY THE BELL Doppelgängers

We're bringing Sweet Valley High characters to their Saved By The Bell doppelgängers.

12 Essential Southern Cookbooks

Straight talk, y’all: I lived 20+ years in the South, but they were some internally contentious periods. There were aspects ...

To The Stars: 5 Books Where Women in Space Take Center Stage

If you’re like me, you can pull space exploration- and astronomy-related moments out of your childhood memories, still replete with ...

Book Covers and Their Paperweight Doppelgängers: An Online Art Installation

Because everything written is digital now, functionally, paperweights have gone the way of the *insert your beautiful species that our ...

Chuck Wendig’s WANDERERS Should Be Your Summer Marathon Reading Experience

(Ed.’s note: Chuck Wendig endorses this post. Sort of. It's a book with a lot of articulated turns and twists ...

The Book Pyramid Exchange Is Coming for Your Children!

“Does anyone want to participate in a book exchange?” A Facebook friend recently posted this message on her page. My ...

The Many Covers of Carl Sagan’s CONTACT

Ellie Arroway believes in science, not deities. She also believes that the universe is teeming with other living beings—otherwise, isn’t ...

I Do Solemnly Swear: What Book Would You Choose for Your Oath of Office?

We rounded up some of bookish Twitters responses to the question: "If you weren’t allowed to swear in on a religious text, what book would you use?"