S.W. Sondheimer

When not prying Legos and gaming dice out of her feet, S.W. Sondheimer is a registered nurse at the Department of Therapeutic Misadventures, a herder of genetic descendants, cosplayer, and a fiction and (someday) comics writer. She is a Yinzer by way of New England and Oregon and lives in the glorious 'Burgh with her husband, 2 smaller people, 2 cats, a fish, and a snail. She occasionally tries to grow plants, drinks double-caffeine coffee, and has a habit of rooting for the underdog. It is possible she has a book/comic book problem but has no intention of doing anything about either. Twitter: @SWSondheimer

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SAINT YOUNG MEN: The Divine Comedy Finally Available in the U.S.

Jesus and Buddha walk into an apartment in the Tokyo suburbs... no, it isn't a bad joke. It's the premise of SAINT YOUNG MEN by Hikaru Nakamura, finally available in the US.

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This week's Kickstarter spotlight project is The Nib's BE GAY, DO COMICS. Because when the world is bleak, the only thing that can save us are stories.

Solving the Superman “Problem”

Warner Brother's says they don't know what to do with Superman. I have thoughts, all of which revolve around a single idea: Let him be Superman.

Diana, Yes! What We Learned from the First WONDER WOMAN 1984 Trailer

I've seen the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984. And, for the most part, I have one thing to say: DIANA, YES!

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