10 Calendars for a Very Bookish 2018

As a person highly incapable of using the Calendar app on my phone (I inevitably open the calculator app instead, every time), I am a sucker for scribbling on desk and wall calendars.

The Sarah’s Scribbles 2018 calendar has therefore led to much excitement on my part, and I went down the rabbit-hole to discover some of the prettiest, artsiest, most bookish calendars for 2018 to round up for y’all.

calendar 2018 by bookish design

For those who like their bookish art minimalist and in black and white.

ladies of literature by idlewood co.

Featuring Maya Angelou, Virginia Woolf, and Mary Shelley, among others. Please and thank you!

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hot dudes reading

*eyes suspiciously*

the book lovers calendar by lucy in the sky

Some great art paired with lovely illustrations!

poorly drawn lines 2018 calendar

Say yes to morbid, existential humour all-year round.

Sarah’s Scribbles 2018 Wall Calendar

For people like me, who are angst-y every month, it might as well be relatable. Sorry, not sorry for your wallets: they also have a planner!

heart and brain 2018 calendar

Nick Seluck’s much-loved cartoons to help with every heart-vs-brain duel 2018 brings you.

Fantastic Cities 2018 Wall Calendar

Because colouring books are books, and by logical extension all colouring calendars are books, don’t @ us.

Johanna Basford 2018 Coloring Day-to-Day Calendar

A different illustration from Basford’s bestseller books for every day!

The Book Lovers Calendar 2018

A different, beautifully illustrated cover of a beloved classic for each month!

Psst! Wrap these up in some bookish wrapping paper, and these also make for excellent holiday gifts for the bookworms in your life who already have all the books.