#Buy Borrow Bypass

In this weekly feature, Book Riot contributors give brief reviews of their recent reads and advise whether you should buy, borrow, or bypass them.

Buy Borrow Bypass: Story Collections That Blur the Line Between Fantasy and Reality

Four short story collections that fall on the spectrum between fantasy and reality.

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Memoirs and More

Mini-reviews of memoirs that are more than memoirs.

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Novels about the Voynich Manuscript

Books featuring the Voynich Manuscript, the most mysterious book in the world.

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Second Books in a Series

Should you buy, borrow, or bypass on these second books once you've read book one?

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Space Spiders, Magic’s End, and Fridge Stories

Magic, Space, and Fridge Stories: What do you buy, borrow, or bypass?

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: “Difficult” Women

Mini-reviews of books starring "difficult" women.

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Fantasy and Sci-Fi Short Story Collections

Speculative fiction short story collections to pick up!

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Romance Heroines Appalled by the Idea of Marriage

Heroines from romance novels who are not that interested in walking down the aisle.

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Fat Girls Have Stories, Too

Recent and upcoming books -- fiction and non -- featuring fat representation that you should consider buying or borrowing.

Buy Borrow Bypass: YA Anthologies

YA anthologies you should buy, borrow, or bypass.

Buy Borrow Bypass: Celebrity Memoirs

Reviews of three recent celebrity memoirs.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying, Borrowing and Bypassing Haruki Murakami’s Novels

The ultimate guide to which Murakami novels to buy, borrow, or skip.

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Queer Fantasy Books

Mini-reviews of fantasy novels with queer main characters.