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Call Me Enamored: Why I Love the First Line of Moby Dick

Why “Call me Ishmael,” the first line of Moby Dick, is among the most instantly recognizable and important first lines in all of classic Western literature.

The First Line of THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE and the Last Line: A Close Read

"Hill House, not sane, stood by itself..." We're taking a close look at the first line of THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, as well as the last.

10 CIRCE Book Club Questions: A Reading Guide for Madeline Miller’s Novel

Circe by Madeline Miller is really. freaking. good. In this reading guide, you'll find 10 Circe book club questions covering all the most important topics. 


A reader on revisiting ANNE OF GREEN GABLES through the Netflix series ANNE WITH AN E.

10 Books About Emily Dickinson to Read After Watching DICKINSON

If you’ve checked out DICKINSON and are looking for some more information on the beloved poet, here are 10 books about Emily Dickinson to check out!

Best Reissued Classics in the UK

A list of reissued classics in the UK, perfect for gifting to the book lovers in your life.

When You Hate the Classics, But You’re an English Teacher

Why one English teacher hates the classics -- and why that's not a bad thing.

Matching Zodiac Signs to Classic Literature Characters

Ever wonder which protagonists shares the same sign as you? Today we're matching zodiac signs to some famous characters from classic literature. 

A Study of Capote and His Swans

On Truman Capote's social circle, women known as the swans; how he betrayed their confidences for his stories, and on searching for their voices.

Why Edgar Allan Poe Makes a Cameo in Anya Seton’s DRAGONWYCK

We're taking a close look at the appearance and influence of Edgar Allan Poe in DRAGONWYCK, Anya Seton's classic Gothic romance.

How Reading the Books After Seeing the Movie Changed My Perspective on MARY POPPINS

A fan of the 1964 Mary Poppins film adaptation discusses how his perspective of the character shifted after reading the P.L. Travers books.

Emily Dickinson, Wild Child? Check Out the Trailer for DICKINSON

Check out the trailer for the new comedy series DICKINSON from Apple +. This reader has some thoughts about the Emily Dickinson series...

Finding, Quoting, and Learning to Love Virginia Woolf

Sometimes it takes me a long while to read a big author, let alone collect quotes from them. Virginia Woolf was one of those authors. She isn't now.

Women Have Always Loved Reading Thrillers—Just Ask the Victorians

Thrillers are having a moment. Twisty, suspenseful stories about mistaken identities, missing girls, unreliable narrators, and domestic bliss that isn’t ...

30 Gloriously Wise Charles Dickens Quotes

30 of the best Charles Dickens quotes collected from his books, short stories, essays, and personal writing, arranged by topic.