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YA Graphic Novels Perfect for October

Toast the glorious fall days and creepy, cool nights with these three YA graphic novels perfect for October reading lists!

The Beginner’s Guide to Reading Webcomics

Want to start reading webcomics? Charlotte has a beginner's guide.

A Love Letter to Saga

"You taught me never to close myself off to the possibility of wonder. You remind me that, even if I never find another love like you, the journey is worth it." A love letter to the comic Saga.

What Is the Golden Age?

If you’re new to comics, you’ve probably seen terms like “Golden Age” and “Silver Age” bandied about without a lot ...

3 Times Sarah Andersen Got Being a Bookworm Right

Sarah Andersen knows what it is to be a bookworm. Here are 3 times she nailed it in her webcomic.

Don’t Judge a (Comic) Book by Its Edges

How do the edges of books, comics, and graphic novels affect your experience? What do they say about the story?

The Gender Divide in My Graphic Novels Shelf

One Rioter takes a closer look at the gender divide within her graphic novels shelf.

5 Graphic Novels to Read to Get Spooked

In the mood to get spooked? Check out these spooky graphic novels that are sure to haunt you.

3 Comics Recommendations for Mystery Readers

If you're a mystery book lover looking to make the leap into comics, here are 3 great read-alikes to try.

Supergirl Comics to Read Right This Very Minute

If you're enjoying the SUPERGIRL TV show, there are quite a few Supergirl comics you can choose from!

10 Ways To Support Your Favorite Webcomics

Whether you’ve got cash to spend, or are as penniless as your creator idols, here’s ten great ways you can help support webcomic creators.

5 Graphic Novels That Are Better Than Therapy

Reading these recent graphic novels feels like a productive therapy session--they're comforting and they remind us that we're not alone.

What Makes A Good Comic Book Cover?

A detailed look at what makes a comic book cover great...and not so great.

6 Standalone Manga for Starters

These single volume, standalone manga are perfect for curious readers taking those first steps into the vibrant art form.

7 Books to Read about Comics

Want to know more about how comics work and their history? Hattie recommends 7 books about comics.