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Spoilers, Stunts, and that Batman/Catwoman Wedding

On comics marketing and how the NYT spoiled Batman #50 (so do we even have to buy it?)

Steve Ditko, Creator of Squirrel Girl and Co-Creator of Spider-Man, Dead at 90

Steve Ditko, a Hall of Fame artist and one of the original titans that helped propel Marvel Comics in the ...

DC Finally Unveils DC Universe: Digital Comics…and a Whole Lot More

DC's subscription service DC Universe will include comics, streaming shows and movies, and collectibles.

Who Killed Krypton? Who Cares?

No one individual should be responsible for the destruction of Krypton. Here's why.

3 Ways to Get “Lit” in Your Cosplay

If you're going to Comic-Con International in San Diego, or any other fandom convention, this summer, consider these book-inspired cosplay ideas.

7 Comic Book Apps To Get You Through Summer

Here's a breakdown of my favorite comic book apps, from readers to curated collections to more. Time to get reading!

Affordable Comic Book Storage Ideas For Your Home

For those who love comics, comic book storage is an important part of owning them. Here are a few ideas, if you're looking to be inspired.

10 Things to Say When Someone Is Surprised You Read Comics

Snarky comebacks should you find yourself in this situation.


If you haven't read BRAZEN: REBEL LADIES WHO ROCKED THE WORLD, do it now. And then you can share these graphic books with the next generation.

Deadpool T-Shirts that Will Become Your Prized Possessions

Deadpool t-shirts and sweatshirts are the best way to make a fan's birthday complete. Or, you know, buy ten for yourself.

Show Off A Thor’s Hammer Necklace With These Stunning Designs

Channel your inner Norse god by wearing a super awesome Thor's hammer necklace from one of these amazing jewelry designers.

Acing It: An Aro-Ace Reader’s View on Jughead

"Before reading Jughead, I had no clue how much I specifically wanted a character like him. A character like me."

First Wave of DC Titles for Young Readers Gets Cover and Artist Reveals

DC revealed artists and covers for their first wave of graphic novels for young readers.

5 Reasons to Love and Support LORE OLYMPUS

If you're into Hades and Persephone retellings, you should check out Rachel Smythe's webcomic, LORE OLYMPUS, and here are five reasons why.

30 Of The Most Badass Wonder Woman Leggings

Wonder Woman leggings for kids, working out, and everyday wear.