#Cool Bookish Places

That First Time I Went To An American Bookstore

Sometimes the big moments in your life come when you least expect them. One of my moments came in a bookstore in El Paso...

The Best Indie Bookstores in Washington, DC

What's your favorite independent bookstore in DC?

A Love Letter to a Bookstore

Sometimes a truly awful day requires a visit to the bookstore. One reader recovered thanks to a lovely Austin bookshop that let her walk around in socks.

10 U.S. Rare Bookstores You Can Visit Right Now

Check out these ten rare bookstores you can visit in the United States, featuring antiquarian book shops from New York to Florida to California.

Meet an Oscar Wilde-Themed Novelty Gastropub in New York

It's both Victorian AND Prohibition-themed.

Dear J.K. Rowling: An Evening at the Elephant House

A reader peruses the letters left to J.K. Rowling at The Elephant House, the cafe where she wrote most of the first Harry Potter book.

A Modern Book Garden in Tehran

The biggest bookstore in the world is now in Tehran, Iran.

Bonkers Bookish Places I Won’t Be Visiting on My Honeymoon

Check out strange and creepy bookish and literary places on the East Coast that you shouldn't visit on your honeymoon trip.

Phase Three, The Barbershop, and Other Mysterious Bookstore Zones

A bookseller on the mysterious bookstore zones of Russell Books. Here's hoping you find your way to the sauna, barbershop, Cactus, or Phase Three.

Fight White Supremacy with Books: Support St. Louis Indie Bookstores

After sustaining damage from protests against white supremacy and the acquittal of Anthony Lamar Smith's murderer, St. Louis bookstores seek your help.

Cool Bookish Places: Crooked Timber Books

Crooked Timber Books in Digby, Nova Scotia Canada is a beautiful bookshop overlooking a serene harbour. Filled with great books, it's not to be missed.

Meet Curiosa, Toronto’s “Harry Potter Store”

Toronto's "Purveyors of Extraordinary Things" is a must-visit for Toronto Harry Potter fans.

Why the Wizarding World Warms My Cold, Cynical Heart

When I visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I got a glimpse of just how deeply-felt fandom can be – and it was amazing.

My Favourite Bookstagram Locations in the UK

Places around the UK that are ideal for taking photos of the books you are currently reading are highlighted and discussed.

5 Bookshops You Need to Visit Around Camden Town

If you find yourself in London's Camden Town, don't forget to check out these excellent bookstores.