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It’s Shakespeare Retelling Day at Book Riot!

Discover something new to love about the works of William Shakespeare through Shakespeare Retelling Day!

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Why do we sometimes fall asleep while reading, even when we’re interested in the book? And how do we stop it? We discuss some tips and tricks.

15 Harry Potter Quotes on Love That Will Always Resonate

A roundup of some of the best Harry Potter quotes about love for your crush, partner, or your Valentine's Day card to yourself.

Toward a Philosophy on Book Collecting

Most readers without unlimited space or superhuman self control must develop a philosophy on book collecting. Here are some tips for developing yours.

Indie Press Round-Up: February New Releases and More

These indie press books hitting shelves in February will more than earn their spots on your towering TBR.

Little Free Libraries Are My L.O.L. Surprise

"Little Free Libraries are my secret glittery plastic poop emoji."

February 2020 Horoscopes and Book Recommendations

Hey reader, what's your sign? Check out Book Riot's February 2020 Horoscopes and Book Recommendations to find a new book you're sure to love!

The Most Uniquely Popular Books in Libraries, October–December 2019

Panorama Picks is a project that aims to highlight the most popular books in libraries every quarter. The goal is to ...

6 Ideas For Nancy Drew’s 90th Birthday (That Aren’t Killing Her)

Let's replace the garbage that is this Nancy Drew 90th birthday storyline wherein she's killed off for a Hardy Boys mystery with these superior ideas.

The N-Word: Confronting Racial Slurs In Literature

Just because it's in the book doesn't mean we should feel free to say it. A reader on how to approach the N-word and racial slurs in literature.

Why We Need Essay Collections Now More Than Ever

Why essay collections are more necessary now than ever.

Happy 125th Birthday, NYPL: View Their All-Time Top Check Outs

Celebrate the New York Public Library's 125th anniversary with a commemorative library and metro card, a tote, and this list of their top 10 book checkouts.

How to Live Your Best Bookish Life Day

Put your best foot forward and into the new decade with a full day of content offering tips, tricks, and tools for living your best bookish life.