New romance books are coming out every week, and we’re here to help you find the best, no matter which genre of romance novels you’re into. Regencies, contemporaries, queer romance from all time periods, paranormals–you name it, we’re reading it. Read on to find the most compelling romance novels out there, for all steam levels!

Spice Up Your Life: 15 New Erotic Books

Buckle up for a list of the best new erotic books from the last three years, featuring all kinds of romance and kink.

Getting Back to Work With These Office Romance Books

Forced proximity, enmity— office romance books can bring anything to the table. Check out these 11 romances that will make you swoon, including When Love Ignites by Rilzy Adams.

You Must Remember This: Why We Can’t Forget About Amnesia Romances

Why do authors keep coming back to the well of amnesia romances, like in A Cowboy to Remember by Rebekah Weatherspoon, and what purpose does this trope serve in telling a compelling love story?

SINGLE ALL THE WAY and the Variables of Interracial Romance

We don’t live in a colorblind world, so why should we want to read about people who claim to be us, but without the depth or details?

Mass Market Romance Is Still Important, Y’all.

I know what I'm missing when I don't pick up mass market romances. Do you?

15 Funny Romance Books That Will Bring You Laughter With Each Chapter

Funny romance books, or rom-coms, are comfort reads for many. These 15 books will bring you laughter with each chapter.

Why Does TikTok Love Weird Erotica?

If you're on BookTok, you've probably encountered weird erotica like Kissing the Coronavirus or Taken By the T-Rex on your FYP. But why?

Oh, They Were Roommates! A List of Roommate Romances

Roommate romances work so well with other tropes and have so many great possibilities. Come find your next great roommate romance read.

In Defense of the Fast Burn Romance

The fast burn romance can be the definition of mess, making it an extremely appealing romance trope.

The 20 Most Influential Romance Novels of the Last 100 Years

Here are 20 of the most influential romance novels from the last 100 years, from Regency romances to ground breaking firsts within the genre.

Romance Tropetonite: Reality Show Romances

I love reality show romances! From baking shows to Bachelor style competitions, here are some new & upcoming reads with reality TV elements, including The Love Con by Seressia Glass.

Romances You may Have Missed

In the season of "best of" of lists, I got to pondering: what were some of the romances that went just under the radar this year?

Pine o’ The Times: 12 of the Best Romances With Mutual Pining

The yearning! The longing! If you're a glutton for torture just like me, enjoy this list of romances full of mutual pining, including The Love Con by Seressia Glass.

Excellent Queer Fantasy Romance Books

Read your way into outstanding queer fantasy romance books, including She Who Became The Sun.

8 Magical New Year’s Eve Romances

There is something magical about the possibilities of a new year. These eight New Year's Eve romance novels capture that magic.