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Where Do You Keep Your Books?

When there is no more space to store books, what can be done? The question of “where do I keep my books?” has become an existential one.

What’s Up With All the Butts On #Bookstagram?

Butts + Bookstagram = your new favorite distraction.

Welcome to Shark Tank for Books

Welcome to Shark Tank...for books. Today we've got four pitches for books that you might have heard about. Who will be a bestseller...and who will bust?

Literature-Inspired Ideas for Outside-the-Box Author Events

Authors have already proven they can read and write books--what else they can do? Here are 7 high stakes author events with literary themes.

Five SWEET VALLEY HIGH Characters Meet Their SAVED BY THE BELL Doppelgängers

We're bringing Sweet Valley High characters to their Saved By The Bell doppelgängers.

17 Signs That Your Tinder Date Might Be Edgar Allan Poe

Hold up! Don't swipe right on the man with the seemingly ironic mustache and poetic profile just yet. Check out this list to make sure it's not Edgar.

My Ideal Ereader

When you give a bookish person an ereader... There's no end to what we might demand of it. What features would you ask of it?

Book Lists That Should Exist

Lists have become one of the major formats through which we consume information on the internet. Here, my suggestions for book lists that should exist.

A Book Nerd’s Guide to Camping and the Great Outdoors

Bugs, darkness, distractions. The great outdoors poses many a challenge for the book nerd, so we've got a how to for reading while camping.

The Book You Should Read Based on Your Favorite Episode of THE OFFICE

Have you watched The Office in its entirety at least seven times? Are you are heartbroken over the news that ...

Romance Novel Pitches for the 21st Century

Are you a person who thinks romance novels are out of touch? Think again! These romance novel pitches are just a hint at the possibilities.

30 Things You Should Check Off Your Book Bucket List Before 30

Are you even a real reader if you don’t check all of these experiences off of your book bucket list before 30? Bookshelves won't color code themselves!

Read More Books by Entirely Disconnecting From Reality

Forget about those other how-tos for reading more books--build that fort, put your phone on DND forever, and say goodbye to your social life forevah!

The Perfect Fragrances for Harry Potter Characters, Part II

I’m back with more fragrances and Harry Potter characters! If you missed round one, be sure to check it out. ...

7 Sweary Bookish Roles for Chris Evans

Now that he’s passed the shield to Anthony Mackie, Chris Evans is free to take on other roles. The first ...