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#In Translation

Kickstart This: Alessandro Spina’s COLONIAL TALES

A reclusive Syrian -- born in Libya -- writing epic novels about the colonial history of Libya, in award-winning Italian? Get interested.

2018 Novels by Iraqi Authors, and Why They Matter

Searches for "Iraq + novel" turn up dozens of lists full of US soldiers' and journalists' stories. Books written by Iraqis are much harder to find.

Travel by Cat: 17 Feline Kids’ Books from Around the World

Looking for a gift for that young person in your life who's both cat-lover and bibilophile, and who wants to read the world? We've got 17 suggestions.

Speculative Fiction in Translation: Argentina

Sci-fi/fantasy in translation from Argentinian authors!

3 Challenges in Translating Books

A selection of translating war stories that highlight some of the unique challenges and fun of translating authors' work to a new, modern audience.

In Translation: October Fiction and Poetry

New releases coming out this month, all in translation!

Recent Books in Translation: 5 Recommendations

Check out these 5 recommendations to get more books in translation into your life.

Reading Women in Translation

A reader reflects on her experience participating in Women in Translation Month.

3 Books in Translation for Fans of THE HANDMAID’S TALE

If you loved Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, you'll want to pick up these three works in translation.

Speculative Fiction in Translation: Czech Republic

Science fiction and fantasy from Czech authors, translated into English!

In Translation: September Fiction and Poetry

September is bursting at the seams with great translated fiction and poetry! We have an early-20th-century Yiddish novel, the definitive ...

A Conversation Between Literary Translators Marian Schwartz and Nicky Harman

Two award-winning translators of literature into English sit down to talk about their process, communicating with their authors, and more.

5 New Korean Novels for Fans of Doona Bae in Netflix Series STRANGER

Finished watching the Korean Netflix series STRANGER? Read these 5 novels by Korean women the show's independent-minded Det. Han Yeo-jin would love.

Speculative Fiction in Translation: China

Excellent Chinese speculative fiction, available in English.

In Translation: August Fiction and Poetry

New works of fiction and poetry coming out this month, all in translation!