#In Translation

How You Can Participate in Women in Translation Month This August

Only about 30% of new translations into English are of books by women. #WITMonth gives us a chance to celebrate translated literature by women.

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If you read a book and love it, does it matter if the translator got some of it wrong?

Why It Matters When an Iranian Children’s Book Illustrator Is Refused a Visa

Illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi was refused a visa to come to the UK for the Edinburgh Book Festival. It's the public that misses out with restrictions & bans.

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Speculative fiction has been important in Israeli literature for centuries. Here's a look at some recent releases.

In Translation: June Fiction and Poetry

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Why Red-Line-Crossing Novelist Ezzedine C. Fishere Doesn’t Fear Trolls

Daoud, a character in "Embrace on Brooklyn Bridge," is perhaps the most believable 9/11 supporter in fiction. Why did his creator take this risk?

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2017 books by Italian authors that can scratch your Ferrante itch.

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Explore the haunting world of Finnish speculative fiction with these 5 works in translation.

Exploring Japan Through 6 Books

Explore Japan through these six books, some of which are in translation.

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9 Iraqi Books to Watch For: Horror, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Poetry, and More

Iraqi books written by Iraqis.