100 Must-Read Bisexual Books

Tired of trying to find out if the “LGBT” book you want to read actually has any bisexual content? Check out these bisexual books of all genres!

Angela Robinson to Direct Adaptation of STRANGERS IN PARADISE

L WORD AND D.E.B.S. director Angela Robinson will direct the adaptation of Terry Moore's STRANGERS IN PARADISE for the big screen.

A Chat with Queer Romance Novelist Santino Hassell

Get the BTS on the reading and writing life of prolific romance novelist Santino Hassell, author of ILLEGAL CONTACT, SUNSET PARK, and more.

Flame Con 2017: Queer Heroes in YA and All-Ages Comics

A recap of the YA and All-Ages Comics panel at the 2017 Flame Con, New York’s LGBTQ-oriented comic convention, and on comics highlighting queer heroes.

My Queer Journey Through Harry Potter

As a teenager, I shipped Draco/Harry (Drarry). I had no idea it would help lead to me coming out as a queer woman.

Queer Plot Removed from V.E. Schwab’s Book by Russian Publisher

V.E. Schwab's Russian publisher has removed a queer plot line from her Shades of Magic series.

Kickstart This: The First All-Trans Comics Anthology

Back the Kickstarter for the first all-trans comics anthology, We're Still Here


Jess is excited about the upcoming movie about the creator of Wonder Woman and the women in his life. Are you?

Bosom Friends: The Gay Anne of Green Gables Scandal

Anne isn't written to be bisexual, but as art grows older, the way we interact with it changes.

The Queerness of Emma

A reader examines queer themes in Jane Austen's EMMA, and writes on the importance of her Austen reading experience as a young queer girl.

7 Lesbian and Bi Books Written Before THE WELL OF LONELINESS

A French courtesan's tell-all novel, a rich Japanese lesbian author living in the 1920s, and 5 other bi & lesbian books that predate THE WELL OF LONELINESS.

5 Books from the LGBTQ Latin American Bookshelf

A small list of queer classics from Latin American, for PRIDE!

Queerness: 4 Books On a Big Topic

Queerness. What is it? A lifestyle? A movement? A sexual orientation? An offensive term reclaimed? All those and more?

Reading Aromantic and Asexual Representation In(to) Texts

Headcanons, activate!

Passion Fruit: A Queerotica Anthology

Check out Passion Fruit, a queerotica comic anthology by queer creators! Rioter Amanda D. is extremely excited for the launch of its Kickstarter.