The Library Bill of Rights: What They Are and What They Mean for You

Learn about the Library Bill of Rights, with explanations and examples of how library users might apply them in their own use of their libraries and more.

Literary Magazines Published by Libraries

Many libraries publish art and literary magazines featuring authors and artists from their local community and from all over the world.

Tales of a Library Unicorn: The Children in Conflict

On the numerous (sometimes baffling) ways young library patrons lash out at each other, and how one librarian resolves these spats.

How to Host a Book Tasting for Adults at a Public Library

There are resources for kids' book tastings, but what about the grown people? Here's a how-to for hosting a book tasting for adults at a public library.

Tales of a Library Unicorn: In Which the Children Resist Structure

A children's librarian recounts the ways in which the library's younger patrons resist structure and act out in often humorous ways.

Reading Time: The Importance of the Prison Library

On the importance of prison libraries to people who are incarcerated, and on the policies and backlash against stripping access to library resources.

How to Get the Most Out of Storytime: Tips from a Children’s Librarian

Now, I recognize that many caregivers who come to storytime are just as uninformed about how to get the most out of storytime as I was when I first started.

Tales of a Library Unicorn: In Which the Children Misunderstand Libraries

A librarian recounts giving an education on libraries and the book check out process to a young library patron.

Stuck at Home? Here are 20 of the Best Books on Hoopla Right Now

If you're stuck at home and bemoaning the absence of libraries from your life, don't fear! Here are some great books available on Hoopla right now.

Forced Out of College Early, I’ll Miss My Library Most

As a college student has to leave college early due to COVID-19, they reflect on the most important aspect of their academic career: the college library.

You Can Now Catalog Unlimited Books For Free With LibraryThing

Good news quarantined bookworms: LibraryThing is now free! Add, catalog, and organize unlimited books while stuck at home.

Chicago Public Libraries Need To Close Now To Save Lives

Why are Chicago Public Library branches still open to the public during this global health crisis?

Tales of a Library Unicorn: In Which Mx. Aly is Introduced

How does a librarian introduce patrons, including kids, to themself when they're transnonbinary with they/them pronouns? Here's one tale.

With COVID-19, Library Staff Should Not Be Required to Report to Work

Breaking down the many reasons why library staff should not have to report to work as we work to stop the spread of COVID-19 on a global level.

Messages Left Behind in Library Books (An Ode)

A reader reflects on the messages left behind in library books at their university library, and how the notes acted as documents of time and place.