#Literary Tourism

Literary Tourism: Argentina

Are you planning a trip to Argentina? There are multiple ways to ensure that your visit is as literary as ...

Literary Tourism: Scotland

Planning a trip to Scotland? Check out this itinerary of literary destinations in Scotland for bookish tourists.

Literary Tourism & Curiosities: Woodstock, IL

It's not the Woodstock you may know, but Woodstock, Illinois, is a small town in Chicago with a rich literary legacy and thriving reading community today.

Literary Tourism: The Book Towns of France

Imagine driving through the picturesque French countryside, observing sheep or vineyards or what have you, when you come across a ...

Literary Tourism: A Legacy of Poetry in Buffalo, New York

One day after another— Perfect. They all fit. —”One Day” from The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley: 1945–1975, accessed online ...

Literary Tourism: The Bookstore Bars and Cafés of Paris

There’s no doubt that Paris is a literary city, with bookish sites around every corner and a ton of bookstores ...

How To Take on Chicago’s Bookstore Day Challenge!

Last year, a bookish friend and I loaded into my old Subaru and drove  all over the city in the ...

Literary Tourism: Fall River & New Bedford

I grew up near Fall River and New Bedford, in the Southcoast region of MA, 50 miles south of Boston. ...

Ode to Two More Great Libraries

Let’s talk about great libraries. In January, I talked about the two  libraries closest to my heart: The British Library ...

Literary Tourism: Boston

Take a trip through the literary streets of Boston.

Literary Tourism: Honolulu, HI

A literary trip through Honolulu, Hawaii

A Tour of Austin’s New Central Library

Take a peek inside Austin's New Central Library.

Literary Tourism: StoryVille in Melbourne, Australia

It's hard to find a bar with both a classy appreciation for books and a lively atmosphere for a great night out. Well, outside of Melbourne (Australia).

Literary Tourism: On & Off the C.S. Lewis Trail in Belfast

Take a tour of the C. S. Lewis Trail in Belfast, Ireland.

Literary Tourism: Hay-on-Wye, The Town Of Books

A trip to the book town of Hay-on-Wye.