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10 Great Medieval (and Medieval-ish) Mystery Books

Make like Sir Sherlock and go way back to medieval times and with these 10 medieval mystery books and medieval-adjacent mystery novels!

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How I, the Parson of a Humble English Murder Village, Am Practicing Safe Social Distancing

"You’ll feel right at home among our fastidiously maintained gardens and horticulture, bustling local arts scene, and internationally renowned murder rate."

5 Crime Novels Where the Crime Is Beside the Point

Maybe it's mood, or debate, or wit--each of these crime novels focuses not so much on the crime, but on other themes and aspects of storytelling.

A Disability Rights Perspective on Lisbeth Salander

How the intersecting systems of mental health, social services, and criminal justice have failed Lisbeth Salander from Stieg Larsson's Millennium series.

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15 Best True Crime Authors Who Are Must-Reads For Genre Fans

An unscientific ranking of the best true crime authors whose work shaped, or is currently shaping, the ever-evolving genre.


THE HAPPY HOLLISTERS was a popular series in its day. Does it still hold up? A reader looks back at this long-running series of children's mystery books.