How Indie Bookstores Fought Their Way Back

Taking a look at how the indie boom happened in the age of multi-floor bookstore chains and Amazon’s 2-day shipping.

Male Leads in Fiction Sell 10 Million More Books on Average Than Female Leads

Men are rich and strong. Women are golden-haired and married. A look at gender disparity in top-selling fiction.

Virtual Book Events You Can Attend From Home

Missing your bookish community during these quarantine days? These virtual book events bring the convention to your home!

Mondays With Michelle Obama Launches Monday, April 20th

Introducing Mondays with Michelle Obama, where Former First Lady Michelle Obama will read beloved children's books aloud.

9 Free Books to Get Right Now for World Book Day

Amazon is offering nine free ebooks from around the world for World Book Day.

Prison Ereaders and Tablets Should Be Free During COVID-19

PEN America, ALA, and other advocate groups for First Amendment rights demand fees for prison tablets--a vital tool for accessing information--be dropped.

Book Releases Delayed Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Find out which of your most anticipated 2020 book releases are delayed due to COVID-19 -- and when they're coming out now.

Lionsgate Offers Free YouTube Showings of Four Popular Films

Lionsgate will stream four of its biggest films for free on YouTube for the next four Fridays.

Every Library Institute Creates HALO Fund for Librarians and Library Workers

The Every Library Institute has launched the "Help A Librarian Out" (HALO) fund to benefit librarians and library workers affected by COVID-19.

Get Yourself Some #SocksForBinc!

Libro.fm has partnered with a range of artists to create 10 pairs of socks for book lovers; profits will support booksellers impacted by COVID-19.

Pulitzer Prize Awards Announcements Postponed

The Pulitzer Prize Board has postponed the announcement of the winners of the 2020 Pulitzer Prizes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Grant Will Help Disabled Authors Promote Their Books

2020 Hugo Award Finalists Announced

The 2020 Hugo Award finalists have been announced.

Coalition of National Arts Grantmakers Launches Emergency Artist Relief Fund

Coalition of National Arts Grantmakers has launched an emergency relief fund for artists struggling during COVID-19.

Does the General Population Still Prioritize White Male Authors?

While white men dominate the discussion of favorite books on reddit, is that a reflection of the general population's reading tastes or something bigger?