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5 Of Your New Favorite (And Free!) Book Club Apps

Is running your book club getting stressful? Want to start one but it's too daunting? Here are 5 free book club apps to make managing your club a breeze.

Hogwarts is My Home: On Loving Harry Potter After 20 Years

"This is what I have been thinking about through Harry’s 38th year (or 20th, depending on how you want to look at it): the social importance of reading."

11 Lovely Jane Austen Pins for the Most Ardent Janeites

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a few extra bucks, must be in want of some sick Jane Austen pins.

24 Poetry Books for Teens To Devour

Find the perfect poetry books for teens with this handy guide. From classic teen poets to contemporary poets, this round-up includes something for everyone.

19 Best Summer Poems To Enjoy By The Water

Summer is here and with it comes a real, serious yearning in me for some heady, detail-soaked summer poems. Summer ...

Which Stephen King Book Should You Read First? Take The Quiz!

Which Stephen King book should you read first? With nearly 100 books to his name, the task of choosing one to read can be daunting. This quiz can help.

Astronomy Books For Beginners: 25 Reads to Start Learning about Space

If, like me, you're new to astronomy but want to know more, this list of astronomy books for beginners is for you.

Magical Unicorn Bookmarks To Make and To Buy

Your ultimate guide to unicorn bookmarks that you can buy, DIY, or print. Make your reading life a little more magical and whimsical.

8 Books to Help Ease Back-to-School Jitters: List List #315

Take a look at this weekly round-up of bookish lists from around the web, curated by Book Riot!

Why You Should Read “Fluff” Books

One Rioter explains her opinion on why reading "fluff" books is not just fine, but important to your reading health, because fun matters.

What to Read After Binging “Anne with an E” on Netflix

What to read after you've watched all of Anne with an E on Netflix (including L.M. Montgomery's original series, of course).

Peek Over Our Shoulders: What Rioters Are Reading August 9, 2018

Check out what Book Riot contributors and editors are reading right now, at this very minute! Okay, maybe not this exact moment, but we would if we could!

15 Pairs of Book Socks You’ll Love To Wear While You Read

Need some stylish book socks? Check out this list of book-themed socks, Harry Potter and Jane Austen socks, and socks with books on them.

The Fine Black Men of Historical Romance

Historical romances about black men, recommended by Jess Pryde, author of the Kissing Books newsletter.

Picard is Back! Patrick Stewart’s Best Bookish Moments on TNG

Picard is making a comeback! In honor of this news, here is a look at 5 times when Patrick Stewart and brought books to the bridge of the Enterprise.