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#Our Reading Lives

Our Reading Lives features stories about how books and reading have shaped who we are and how we live.

How Teaching Taught Me More About YA Books

MFA student Chris M. Arnone took a freshman-level course, helped teach it, and learned more about YA books than he bargained for.

The Books That Saw Me Through Lonely Hospital Stays

From heartwarming comics to poetry that makes you feel seen, here's one reader on the books that saw them through long hospital stays.

Our Reading Lives: The Books That Got Me Through My Hearing Loss Diagnosis

One reader on the books that helped cope with a hearing loss diagnosis.

Why We Need More Books About Chronic Illness

A reader on the joy of happening upon a character with a chronic health condition and on the importance of chronic illness inclusivity in genre fiction.

How Does Your Quarantine Read Compare to Your Desert Island Read?

Consider your desert island reads. Now, think of the books that have helped you out of a quarantine slump. Do they match up?

Intersex Reading MIDDLESEX

An intersex reader on the experience of reading Jeffrey Eugenides' MIDDLESEX, a story about an intersex character, and searching for representation.

Poison is the Best Murder Weapon in Mysteries

How poison is the best murder weapon because it makes murder mysteries books better.

I Miss the Library: and Other Thoughts on Quarantine Reading Life

An introvert on missing the library during quarantine.

How Roxane Gay’s HUNGER Helped Me Write About My Different Ability

A reader on how Roxane Gay's memoir HUNGER helped her overcome a fear of writing about her partial paralysis and disability within Black feminism.

Breaking Up with Kindle Unlimited: Not Forever, Just for Now

Having a surplus of books at your fingertips sounds like the reader's dream, but this Kindle Unlimited subscriber decided enough was enough.

A Writer’s Work Week: 5 Days as 5 Authors

How one reader took a cue from five different writers and tested out their work day schedules to see if they would inspire creative productivity.

Short Essay Collections Are My Comfort Read Right Now

If your main form of reading is news and Medium posts with titles like "Wash Every Grocery Before It Enters Your House" right now, maybe try these instead.

Keep Reading Aloud to the Kids (It’s Worth It)

Taking a look at why parents, teachers, and librarians prioritize reading aloud to the kids, and why this parent personally loves the activity.

How to Find Bookish Joy in a Time of Quarantine

One reader shares personal stories about how she's finding bookish joy during these dark days of shelter in place and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why I Married a Book Nerd

A reader reflects on memories from a bookish marriage.