#Our Reading Lives

Our Reading Lives features stories about how books and reading have shaped who we are and how we live.

How Reading Helped Me Stay Sober in Quarantine

How reading is helping one sober reader abstain from returning to marijuana to cope with anxiety.

13 Books That Have Improved My Mental Health

One reader on 13 books that have been tremendously beneficial for their mental health.

How Reading Popular Cosmology Helped Me Cope With Grief and Loss

"Grief had closed me in, and what I needed were the expansive reaches of time and space."

Books That Bring Us Together

On how books can be grounding during times of struggle and uncertainty.

A Closer Look at the Unreliable Narrator

A look at the unreliable narrator who is just like you and me, and how reading these characters can lead to truths about our own lives and experiences.

How Anthony Bourdain Taught Me to Write About Horses

How one writer found Anthony Bourdain's writing influential in understanding their own writing.

Tales of a Library Unicorn: The Children in Conflict

On the numerous (sometimes baffling) ways young library patrons lash out at each other, and how one librarian resolves these spats.

How Audiobooks are Getting Me Through COVID-19

Audiobooks have allowed this Rioter to continue reading throughout this crisis, and to continue reading in the way that makes her happiest.

3 Ways to Spend a Bookish Birthday During Quarantine

Whine. Watch all the adaptations. Aggressively hint about wishlist books. It's your party and you'll be bookish if you want to.

Why Reading Pandemic Lit Gives Me Hope

Pandemic lit has always been my favorite kind of reading because these stories, even at their darkest moments, give me hope for what is to come.

Advice From WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING on Coping With Social Isolation

One reader takes solace in and shares some advice on social distancing from WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING.

An Education on North Korea Through Books

One reader talks about getting educated on the culture and politics of North Korea through books.

Why I Started Reading Pakistani Feminist Poetry

Only recently did I encounter Pakistani feminist poetry. But it has kindled a desire to lose myself in these powerful feminist perspectives.

Queer Representation in Books: Give Me All of It, Every Kind

"Give me queer suffering and give me queer celebration." One reader plumbs the depths of queer literature and considers queer representation in books.

Finding Somali Books to Read

One reader on the search for more Somali literature.