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Your one-stop-shop for reading quizzes and book quizzes, from the serious to the silly. Whether you want to find out which secondary Jane Austen character you are, or if you’d survive Game of Thrones (tl;dr: probably not), we’ve got the book quiz for you!

Choose a Book Quiz: Pick a Book and Get a Recommendation!

Take the quiz to find your next read! By answering a few quick questions and choosing books you already love, you'll find what to read next.

Can You Pass the Hardest Shakespeare Quiz?

Test your knowledge of the Bard by answering questions about Shakespeare's life, plays, and poetry in the world's hardest Shakespeare quiz ever.

Quiz: What is Your Perfect Long Summer Read?

Take the quiz to find your next long summer read of at least 400 pages, and let it spirit you away to another time or place.

Quiz: Which Literary Sister Pair Are You?

Are you and your sister a Jo and an Amy, or a Celie and Nettie, or a Beezus and Ramona? Or another literary sister pair? Take this quiz to find out.

Which Book Should You Add to Your Summer TBR Based on Your Personality?

With so many books to choose from, which ones are the best option for you? We've designed this book personality quiz to help you figure it out!

QUIZ: What Fun Queer Book Should You Read This Summer?

Tired of sobbing while reading A LITTLE LIFE? Read a happy LGBTQ book instead! Take our quiz to find a fun queer book sure to make you smile.

Which UMBRELLA ACADEMY Character Are You?

Umbrella Academy made a splash on Netflix, going from cult comic following to mainstream hit overnight. And we know what ...

Choose a Girl Scout Cookie and We’ll Tell You What to Read Next

Pick a most delicious and favorite Girl Scout cookie and we'll tell you what to read next for fans of juvenile and young adult literature.

Quiz: Which Hitchhiker’s Guide Character Are You?

Today is Towel Day, a totally official holiday celebrating the life and writing of Douglas Adams. Adams gifted the world ...

James Bond Quiz: Choose a Bond, Get a Book Rec

Ian Fleming was a writer, journalist, and naval intelligence officer, but you probably know him as the creator of James ...

Which Game of Thrones Character Are (Were?) You?

Would you have riden a dragon or stuck 'em with the pointy end? Take this fun Game of Throne quiz to find out which Game of Thrones character you would be.

Quiz: What Jane Austen Retelling Should You Read Next?

This quiz will help you pick the perfect Jane Austen retelling to read next, whether you like 'em silly, serious, or somewhere in-between.

Could You be the Grand Maester? (The Hardest Game of Thrones Quiz!)

How well do you know Westeros? Take the hardest Game of Thrones quiz to find out if you have what it takes to be Grand Maester of the Wall!

Can You Pass the Hardest Jane Austen Quiz?

Jane Austen was one of my first literary loves. I think it started when I first saw Colin Firth dive ...

What Mother-Daughter Book Should You Read Next?

Consider starting a book club with your mom for Mother's Day, and take this quiz to find out which mother-daughter book you should pick up first.