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In the Library with My Crisis of Faith

How a Catholic upbringing in Ireland pushed one reader out of organized religion, into the library, and on a path toward a new understanding of spirituality.

8 Christian Picture Books to Fill Your Easter Baskets

Help your kids understand the religious significance of Easter with these colorful and fun Easter baskets that teach Christian theology. Check out these Christian picture books.

7 Books for Holy Week and Easter

For many Christians, the week of March 25 to April 1, 2018, is a significant one because it is when ...

50 Fantastic Christian Audiobooks

50 great Christian audiobooks to listen to while you drive, cook dinner, or go for a run.

Recommended Reading From a Progressive Christian Adrift in the Deep South

A progressive Christian living in the Bible Belt recommends books that have helped her keep the faith.

Reformation 500: What Texts Inspired the Protestant Reformation?

What texts caused Martin Luther to break with the Catholic Church and begin the world-changing Protestant Reformation?

I Kissed Dating Goodbye (And Now I Regret It)

On damage done by Josh Harris's dogmatic Christian dating book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye.

How Church Shopping Has Impacted My Reading

The books one reader is turning to as she looks for a new church.

100 Must-Read Books About Christianity

These books can provide valuable insights into the beliefs and practices of Christianity.

Who Decided that Noah’s Ark was a Children’s Tale?

Why do we put art about genocide in our nurseries?

Books for the Jewish Feminist

I am a feminist. I’m also a Jew. A Jewish feminist. While I’m not super-observant, I did go to religious ...

On Sharing the Bible Nicely

On the novelization of shared Jewish and Christian religious stories.

Christianity and the Cursed Child

How one reader's strict religious upbringing prevented her from participating in Potterdom as a kid, which made her super excited for the Cursed Child!

Books on Christianity for the Radical, Resistant, and Perplexed

Reads for Christians who are unsatisfied with the exclusionary politics of many churches.

Xenu Says: Reading Inspired by Scientology and the Aftermath

Deep dives and behind-the-curtain looks into Scientology.