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Deep dives and behind-the-curtain looks into Scientology.

Bible Study for Atheists

Why the Bible is worthy of study no matter your religious background, and a list of resources!

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Seven books to read to learn more about Islam.

100 Must Read Books About Women & Religion

Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry about women finding their own way in religious traditions.

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Three memoirs of faith behind bars, from World War Two to today.

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Excellent works of Jewish fiction from across the world!

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The problems with reclassifying THE RED TENT and other Jewish fiction as "Christian fiction."

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Six works of nonfiction that helped one reader hold onto her faith.

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10 Haggadot recommendations perfect for your Passover Meal this weekend.

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Let’s talk New Testament, shall we? Scripture-wise, the New Testament stands out for the way it chooses to begin: by ...

The Very Human Authorship of the Bible

Bible-nerd frustrations: readers miss so much by presuming that the Bible can claim divine–or even singular–authorship. A text written by ...

7 Books for the Layman Bible Scholar

If you are interested in the history, language, or theology of the Bible, but have no desire to embark on ...

Oy Gevalt!: 32 Books for Jewish Book Month

L’Seforim (to books)! Each year, in the month before Chanukah, and thanks to the efforts of a public librarian in ...


Last month our Oh, Comics! book of the month was Krishna: A Journey Within by the incredibly talented Abhishek Singh. Abhishek ...

Getting Over Feeling Awkward in the Christian Section

This is a guest post from Nikki DeMarco. Nikki is a composition teacher and blogs at She lives in ...