#Riot Recommendation

In Riot Recommendation, we take a request for a recommendation and turn it over to the Book Riot community to help them with ideas.

18 of Your Favorite Romances Set During War

We asked, you answered! Here are eighteen Riot reader recommended wartime romances for your to-be-read stack.

12 Of Your Favorite Unconventional YA Love Stories

Arranged marriages! One of them is a cyborg/vampire/zombie/undead! They're political enemies! These are your favorite unconventioal YA love stories.

Riot Recommendation: What Are Your Favorite Unconventional YA Love Stories

Help us swoon: tell us your favorite unconventional YA love stories!

26 Great Inclusive YA Fantasy Reads!

26 great inclusive YA fantasy reads--pet dragon approved!

Riot Recommendation: Tell Us About Great Inclusive YA Fantasy Reads

We're looking for great inclusive YA fantasy reads--have a favorite?

21 Great Books About Secrets!

We're spilling the beans: 21 great books about secrets!

Riot Recommendation: Great Books About Secrets!

Join the juicy secrets party and tell us which great books about secrets you've loved! We won't tell! (Yes, we will!)

40 Of The Best Twisty Reads!

We asked, you answered! We've rounded up the reader recommendations, and we're strapped in and ready to read these best twisty reads!

Riot Recommendation: Tell Us The Best Twisty Reads You’ve Read!

We're strapped in and ready to hear the best twisty reads you've read!

21 of the Best Living Essay Writers

We asked, you answered! Here are 21 of the best living essay writers you should know and read up on, recommended by you, the reader.

Riot Recommendation: Who Are The Best Living Essay Writers?

Come tell us who you think is the best living essay writer for a roundup of reader recommendations!

20 Of Your Favorite Books About Spooky Or Dangerous Houses

We asked, you answered! Hide under the covers with us, turn on all the lights, and check out twenty of your favorite books about spooky houses.

Riot Recommendation: Haunt Us With Books About Spooky Or Dangerous Houses

Tell us your favorite books about spooky or dangerous houses--and then hide under the covers with us.

32 Of Your Favorite Books Featuring Librarians

We asked, you answered! Check out (heh!) your favorite books about librarians, and why not pick up a reader recommended book from your local library.

Riot Recommendation: Tell Us Your Fav Books Featuring Librarians

Come tell us your fav books featuring librarians!