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5 Iconic Libraries to Feed the Imagination

SORCERY OF THORNS author Margaret Rogerson on the iconic libraries that gave her joy and served as inspiration for her fantasy books.

Books About Introverts and Introversion

From nonfiction about empathy to fiction about introverts and extroverts in the same family, explore the quiet world with these books about introverts.

50 Must-Read Books by YouTubers

Comment, like, subscribe--and read! Check out these must-read books by YouTubers like Shane Dawson, Issa Rae, The Try Guys, Hank Green, and Miranda Sings!

13 Fascinating and Readable History Books

Europe's natural history, women pirates, the history of Chinese Canadian restaurants, and more in readable history books for nonfiction fans.

Can You Pass the Hardest Shakespeare Quiz?

Test your knowledge of the Bard by answering questions about Shakespeare's life, plays, and poetry in the world's hardest Shakespeare quiz ever.

Quiz: Which Literary Sister Pair Are You?

Are you and your sister a Jo and an Amy, or a Celie and Nettie, or a Beezus and Ramona? Or another literary sister pair? Take this quiz to find out.

Getting Started With Goodreads

After years of avoiding the platform, a reader gives in and starts a Goodreads account. Here's how this reader navigated lists and the rating system.

I Stuck a Book in My Freezer: Resources for New Horror Readers

New-to-you genres can be tricky to navigate; if you've been hesitant to venture into freezer book territory, we've got resources for new horror readers.

8 Of The Best New Horror Books In 2019 To Freak You Out

Blood, ghosts, monsters, and the nerve-wracking feeling of something or someone watching you? The recipe for a spine-chilling horror story. I’m ...

Graduation Gift Guide 2019

Welcome to Book Riot's graduation gift guide for 2019! We've got bookish gifts of all types, for every grad and every budget.

50 of the Best Books to Read This Summer

Looking for some quality beach reading to supplement your time in the sun? Here are the fifty amazing new books to read this summer!

We’re Celebrating YA Fantasy Week!

We're celebrating YA Fantasy Week with new content all about magical fictional worlds going up each day of the week!

Unpopular Opinion: Tagging Authors in Negative Reviews

Ready for an unpopular opinon?:I don’t think tagging authors in negative reviews of their books should be a big deal. There. I said it.

Parents Gift Guide

Welcome to Book Riot’s 2019 parents gift guide! We’re celebrating a mash-up of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to bring ...

Remaining Game of Thrones Characters Sorted into Hogwarts Houses

Spoilers through Season 8, Episode 2 ahead. I am writing this post after Season 8, Episode 2 of Game of ...