Celebrate Pride With Queer Rainbow Book Stacks!

I will admit: I love a rainbow. Rainbow arrangements of objects, rainbow flags, and sure, even the real thing. It’s a good thing I’m queer af, so I can happily array myself with rainbows without appropriation. So of course, combining rainbows with books is also going to be a success for me.

During Pride month, I love seeing all the Pride-themed rainbow stacks of books get posted. Pro tip, though: please don’t make rainbow stacks of cis/straight/allo books during Pride. This is a great opportunity to promote LGBTQIA+ authors, not the authors that get the spotlight the rest of the year. Luckily, I’ve already seen a ton of great ones, and I wanted to share them!

From the classic rainbow:

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It's pride month! Here are a bunch of #ownvoices LGBTQ+ YA books. You should check them out!! You should also check out a challenge I am hosting with some other lovely folks called #ownrainbows. There are details in my post about it! Rainbows are great! If you are going to post them to celebrate pride month, please use LGBTQ+ books. It doesn't make sense to say you are supporting LGBTQ+ people but not support books by and about us. πŸ’• ~ UPDATE: At the time of posting this, I thought Meg and Linus was ownvoices, but now I can't find any sources that say it is. ~ QOTP: What are some of your favorite #ownvoices LGBTQ+ books? ~ #ownrainbows #diversebookjun #bbsjunechallenge 12-15) #ownvoices

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To some snazzily accessorized versions:



There are stacks that reach for the ceiling:

And some like to spread out:

And, of course, the rainbow isn’t the only flag flown this month! Here’s a bi pride version!


Have you seen any rainbow Pride stacks that I missed? I hope to see more throughout the month! And to build my own. Happy queer reading!

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