Cheryl Strayed Giving Dear Sugar Advice This Friday

The literary queen of advice columns, Cheryl Strayed, is bringing her persona of Dear Sugar back for a minute, in the world’s time of need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strayed announced on her Instagram that she’ll be on the first Live Wire House Parties episode on Friday, March 27, answering questions sent to No information about where and when the episode will be available has yet been announced.

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Hello friends! I’ll be on @livewireradio on Friday, offering advice from Sugar (aka me)! Please email your questions to the email below (not in the comments) and please do it today, as we’ll be recording tomorrow. ❤️🙏 #Repost @livewireradio with @get_repost ・・・ Need some advice during this time of social distancing? Well, look no further! Submit your questions to for a chance to get your questions answered by Dear Sugar's @cherylstrayed during our first Live Wire House Parties episode this Friday!

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Is there anything we need more in this time of anxiety and social distancing than our friend Dear Sugar talking us through it? Nope. It is the perfect antidote.

Strayed’s work as advice columnist Dear Sugar on The Rumpus spurred her beautiful book, Tiny Beautiful Things, a compilation of her columns. The magic of her work is that in giving advice—simultaneously blunt and tender—to a specific question about life and love, she offers a deep introspection to her own life. It’s self-help, but it’s also literary and essay and memoir.

She also wrote a little memoir, Wild, about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with little hiking experience in the wake of her mother’s death, which you may have heard of.

While you’re waiting for the episode to drop, be sure to check out these Cheryl Strayed quotes that will slay you and this 2015 interview with Strayed around the release of her book of inspirational quotes, Brave Enough.

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