Choose Your Own Adventure: Bookstore Edition 3

Though you had planned on setting up shop in the literary fiction section for a good long browsing session, a prominent graphic novel display just inside the store’s entrance waylays you. You think to yourself, ‘Man, I haven’t read a good graphic novel, since, what, From Hell? Has it really been that long? Gotta correct that.’ However, you feel a pang of shame as, looking over the titles, you don’t recognize anything in the way of authors or title characters. ‘Well,’ you think, ‘it can’t all be DC and Marvel and Alan Moore and The Walking Dead, now can it? Time to branch out!’ Just as you reach toward a cover featuring a man in a bloody tuxedo flanked by two enormous wolves, you sense the presence of a very serious-looking, very bearded and bejeweled gentleman eyeing your selection over your shoulder. He scoffs loudly and rolls his eyes. At the same moment, your child notices the striking form of a busty, sword-weilding, nearly naked Amazon woman on a cover near the bottom shelf.

If you decide to engage the beardly fellow, click here; if you decide to ignore the scoffer and instead redirect your child’s attention, click here.