Here Comes the (Book Riot Live) Remix, Pt. 3: A Post Round-Up

A round-up of recaps and articles on Book Riot Live 2015. Thanks so much to everyone who came out for our first year! Read Pt. 1 here and Pt. 2 here.

I have thoughts about meeting a legend like Margaret Atwood. It was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget, but the encounters I treasure the most and have thought about the most, were the ones I had with Sarah McLean, Beverly Jenkins, Alisha Rai, and Suleikha Snyder. I got to have real conversations with them, whereas talking to Margaret Atwood was a bit overwhelming. What does one say to a legend?

Karena poses an excellent question in her recap — we’re not sure either, tbh.


Two best friends who attended [the Writing What You Don’t Know] panel, Joanna and Amber, had come from Pennsylvania to enjoy New York for the weekend. Both were reading when I rudely interrupted them to find out what had brought them there, and they seemed emblematic of the crowd at large.

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Publishing Perspectives wrote up Book Riot Live, and if your names are Joanna and Amber, you’re in it!


I’ve been to a great many panels about publishing, but Farm to Table: How a Book Gets Made was a different and fun take on the subject. The panelists each work in the industry in a different role: author, agent, editor, cover designer, and publicist. Their presentation walked the audience through the way each job contributes to getting a book out into the world. It was particularly interesting to hear when and how collaborations happen during the process.

Lisa took excellent notes; thanks for the programming feedback!


My main complaint about Book Riot Live is that there were too many interesting panels happening at the same time and I hate choosing!

Poindextrix is not the only one who had a hard time picking. Sorry not sorry??


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