QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember the Food in Harry Potter?

I was a passionate Harry Potter fan as a kid (and teenager…and adult). I obsessed over the plots and characters, reading fan fiction and researching theories. I went to fan conventions (shout out to Leakycon for being amazing) and sang along to wrock concerts. But as much as I loved the immersive world, the story lines, and the unforgettable cast of characters, I have to admit that the food made almost as big an impression as any of those things.

Who hasn’t read Harry Potter and yearned for a chance to sit down at a feast at Hogwarts? Being able to drink Butterbeer at Hogsmeade was more magical than even picking out a wand at Diagon Alley. I’ve made chocolate frogs and pumpkin pasties and pumpkin juice and tried to veganize all the recipes from the Harry Potter Cookbook I could. The food is such an essential part of the world-building in Harry Potter, and I know I’m not the only one to get hungry every time I spend any time in the wizarding world.

So: how well do you remember the specifics of the food in Harry Potter? Have you memorized the Three Broomsticks menu, or did you skim over those feast scenes? Test your skills in this quiz!