Quiz: Which Owl From Harry Potter Are You Based On Your Reading Habits?

I was about 21, riding a scooter on my way home from work, when I noticed a shadow over my head. It was a beautiful summer evening, and the shadow was an owl in flight. I was mesmerized.

Although I lived in a village, animals such as owls and bats always seemed to me like creatures taken out of a fairytale, not real things that I could encounter on my daily errands. Seeing that owl on that day was a magical moment. It isn’t strange, therefore, that I started collecting them. Not the actual birds, of course, but everything owl-shaped that I could get my hands on, and I took this collection so seriously that it ended up coming to an end almost abruptly ten years later.

It was for the best, anyway: people would come to my place, look around, and make the same obvious joke every time So, do you like owls? or they would immediately start spitting little details they had learned about owls somewhere. I always had to let them down: I know nothing about owls, I would admit, I just find them cute. It was awkward.

Today, I own only a few owls gifted to me by friends, and the rest I gave away, hoping that they will find a better home where they can still be rightfully appreciated. If I’m honest, what I truly hope is that whoever got them is asked So, do you like owls? so many times, that they pass them on to someone else, until it becomes a bit of a tradition.

Harry Potter and owls have been part of my entire adult life, so I figured it was only right to create a quiz with three of my favourite things: Harry Potter, owls, and books.

There are, of course, many owls in the HP series, some better known than others. I’ve chosen Hedwig, Errol, and Pigwidgeon for this quiz because we get a glimpse of their personality in the books and this is, in essence, a personality test.

Want to find out which one you are based on your reading habits? Take the quiz below! And if you clicked on this article because of the title, here’s one more thing I’d like to ask before you start: So, do you like owls? 

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