Join Us for Read Harder Book Groups in December

Need to pad your reading list before vacation? Or maybe get some more ideas for those impossible-to-shop-for-relatives? Come hang out with us this week! We’ll be meeting up in seven cities to talk about whatever it is we’ve been reading lately, how those of us participating are doing with the 2015 Read Harder Challenge, and plotting out our reading for the new year.

Glasgow, 12/17
Chicago, IL, 12/17
New York City, NY, 12/19
Los Angeles, CA, 12/19
Philadelphia, PA, 12/20
Houston, TX, 12/20
Washington, DC, 12/20

Boston is taking a break this month, but will be back in January.

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The Read Harder book groups meet once a month, and have no set theme or booklist. Keep an eye out right here for recaps, updates, and more cities as we add them. Hope to see you IRL soon.

And for everyone/anyone reading along at home or in person, don’t forget: if you finish the Read Harder 2015 list by December 31, we have presents for you!

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