Advertising Sales Assistant

Title: Advertising Sales Assistant
Location: Portland, OR or Vancouver, BC, Canada
Relocation stipend available
Full-time with health and ESOP


  • High school degree or equivalent
  • US work authorization for Portland; Canada work authorization for Vancouver
  • Knowledge of general business productivity tools
  • Highly attentive to detail

Functions and task descriptions:

  • Lead generation and qualification
    • Generate new leads for sales team
    • Qualify leads
    • Manage CRM
    • Schedule meetings on behalf of sales team
  • Sales assistance and administration
    • Assist sales team with proposal development to meet customer goals
    • Create customer orders
    • Confirm approved orders on internal systems
    • Collaborate with sales, editorial, and operations on product offerings
    • Maintain rate sheets and product information across various systems
  • Campaign reporting
    • Generate customer campaign reports for sales team
    • Collaborate on solutions and processes to improve reporting efficiency
    • Review product performance and make recommendations for improvement and positioning

Growth path(s) (depending on candidate’s skill set and desired path):

  • Advancement within the sales team
  • Advancement within the advertising operations team

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