Why I Let My Comics Pile Up

I have a few titles on my pull list, but I almost never read them as they come out.

I’m a novel reader at heart, and it took a little while for my brain to adjust to comics, their relative brevity as well as their own kind of complexity. I love them, but my first love will always be stories I can get lost and stay lost in.

I love single issues as objects. I love the way they look in their piles on my shelves, and displayed, bagged and boarded, on my entryway wall. I’ll never convert, despite advice, to a “just wait for the trade” person. (I do have some comics I’ve collected in trades, like Saga, because I was sadly late to that party.)

But I always let my issues pile up so I can dive into big piles of the story.

I also really hate cliffhangers, so at least if I end on one after reading three or four issues, I’ve stuffed plenty of story in my brain to hold me over until the next issue or stack of issues.

I have five issues of Wayward next to me on the couch as I type this, and the last four Lumberjanes waiting on the shelf.

My friends think I’m weird for doing this (not just for doing this). Their method is to re-read the current issue over and over until the next one is released. I’m not a big re-reader, though. I revisit my favorite novels maaaayyyybe once every two of three years. (But Ody-C always requires a re-read or two, just to ensure I’m not missing anything.)

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Do you let your single issues pile up before you read them? What’s your method for dealing with that sometimes agonizingly long month?