Episode 369
Oh, The Places You Won’t Go

Jeff and Rebecca follow the escalating pandemic problem for Barnes & Noble, walk through the definition of “upmarket,” consider a big 5 publishers layoffs and salary cuts, and more.

This episode is sponsored by:

Miss Austen by Gill Hornby

Afterlife by Julia Alvarez

Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan

Links discussed in this episode:

Flatiron hires editor to focus on works by Latinx and BIPOC writers

Barnes & Noble has now closed more than 500 stores & furloughed corporate employees

And 5 Barnes & Noble warehouse workers in NJ diagnosed w/ COVID-19

Or maybe its 9 employees? Warehouse workers protest

Macmillan lays off some staff, cuts other salaries

Survey of indies reveals toll

And Bookshop numbers are up

Libro FM hiring 10 laid-off booksellers for one-month special project