For Real

For Real is a biweekly nonfiction podcast that puts the spotlight on new books and old favorites that tell it like it is, or at least try to.

10Revolutionary History!

Episode 9Pride Month!

Episode 8The Nonfiction of Book Expo

Episode 7Memorial Day Inspired Reads

Episode 6British Royals Past and Present

Episode 5Mother’s Day and the Busman’s MBA

4.5Bonus: Jesmyn Ward Recommends

Episode 4Short Nonfiction You Can Readathon

This week, Alice and Kim talk about dinosaurs, bird thieves, short nonfiction that's extra binge-worthy, and The Bachelor. Plus, Alice cheats and recommends some fiction seems like nonfiction, and some poetry.

Episode 3We Heart Television (and Also Books)

Episode 2Spring Has Sprung

International Women’s Day

This week, Alice and Kim discuss Idaho extremists, the women who made the internet, and how closely you should identify with Lord Byron (among other things).

Episode 0We Heart Nonfiction

Kim Ukura and Alice Burton introduce For Real and talk favorite types of nonfiction and what they're reading now.