Literary Fabrics I Need In My Life

When I learned to sew, it became very apparent that while I had learned a useful and enjoyable skill, I had also stumbled into a new addiction: fabric. Oh, Joann’s coupons that come in the mail – oh, bolt upon bolt of fabric! Seasonal! Floral! Baby! I want them all.

And a funny thing began to happen. Take me through a fabric store, and suddenly I’m a rustic pioneer, a lady who can make clothes and household linens and will likely spend her evening bent over her needlework. The can-do spirit took hold of me as I thought to myself, I can make that. A dress? An apron? A quilt? A doll? Done, done, and done. (Okay, not a dress. I haven’t climbed that mountain… yet).

Which means I need – NEED – fabric. It doesn’t expire, it won’t go bad, and I’ll use it one day (I swear!). And while one could make the case that neutral solids are the way to go when buying fabric – easier to match, easier to use for different projects – let’s just be real for a second. Funky patterns are just more fun. And literary patterns? Just take all my money right now. So, friends, fellow fabric junkies, I jumped down the Internet rabbit hole in our collective best interest. Now I have to share with you my list of literary fabrics I need in my life. I think you probably need them too. All the better to do fun bookish sewing projects with, amiright?

The Literary Fabric With the Best Advice

How often have you thought, okay, put away Twitter, read a book instead? Here’s a fabric to remind you. (by sheri_mccully)

Read More Books and Fewer Tweets Fabric

The Literary Fabric for Notebook/Journal Folks

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Because a journal is just a book we write ourselves. (by cjldesigns)

Fabric Notebooks and Journals

The Literary Fabrics With All the Cats

I would like credit for limiting myself to three fabrics featuring cats. This is restraint.

Bookshelves and cats and glasses. (by nethery)

Fabric Bookshelves with Cats and Glasses

Cats in a bookstore window! (by georgeandgracie)

Fabric Cats in a Bookstore Window

Dropping little bits of truth here – what is a home without cats and books? (by bledsoelm)

Fabric Home is Books and Cats

The Literary Fabrics That Amount to Me Sending a Blank Check to Heather Givans

Seriously, girlfriend, just take my money.

Classic books? Yes.

Fabric by Heather Givans Classic Books

Library stamps? Yes.

Fabric Heather Givans Library Stamps

Typewriter text of Anne of Green Gables? I think my head just exploded.

Fabric Heather Givans Typewritten Anne of Green Gables

The Literary Fabrics That Hit That Neutral Note

Sometimes we go neutral because we want to/need to/feel obligated because our spouses say so.

Books look like birds when they’re open. (by mariaspeyer)

Fabric Flying Books

Clean and classy stacks. (by caro-nika)

Fabric Stacks of Books

The Literary Fabric For Every Genre

All the genres. (by trizzuto)

Fabric Books Genres