Miniature Books for Tiny Libraries

I have a problem, and I think it’s one you’re familiar with. My problem is that I have run out of room for books in my apartment. I have books on shelves, stacked artfully on tables, stacked less artfully under tables. I have a spare staircase that I have turned into shelves.

I have a lot of books a lot of places, and I’m pretty much out of places for more books.

My second problem is that I don’t want to stop acquiring books. I like acquiring books. They’re pretty and they smell nice.

So how do I keep up my book acquisition habit while still having room to live? I was browsing Etsy one day and I found the answer.


They’re pretty, they smell nice, and they take up very little room. Perfect.

These are some of my favorites.

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This one’s about an inch tall, and has the whole of Little Red Riding Hood. (I say that like Little Red Riding Hood is an impressively long story. It’s not. This is just a very small book.)

This one’s a treasure: it’s a miniature vintage library of Maurice Sendak books.

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Want a quick little DIY? These printable Hogwarts text books are perfectly sized for your American Girl doll, or your Tiny Hermoine, if your Tiny Hermoine is 18 inches tall.

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If you want to further outfit your tiny student, these adorable tiny composition notebooks are perfect for small thoughts.

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I was going to keep this list to functional books, and I know I already have a necklace here, but this one is just so cute. It’s made of polymer clay, but the texture of the book cover is so well done, and I just want to sort of pinch it and tell it how cute it is.

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I like this little collection of books because the publication dates span almost 100 years, but they only take up five inches of shelf space.

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This wee little fairy tale book is mostly blank inside, aside from the “once upon a time” and “happily ever after,” so you can use it to write your own very short fairy tale.

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This tiny paper mache library is my very favorite of all. The books can be taken out and arranged, and I think it’s just beautiful. I want it in tiny-size…and I’d also like life-size shelves that look exactly like this.

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